Nesting Measurable Activities in Your Organization Aligning HSE Culture to Management Functions

Please Note: If I’m speaking with OH&S Consultants/Experts a accepted catechism is generally discussed. It is, “How do we get the appropriate behaviours out of the humans who plan in our organizations… including the Administration Team?” The afterward commodity is what I generally allotment with them to anatomy a discussion. Feel chargeless to allotment these account with your aeon and just as importantly, with your Administration Team. Perhaps we can atom a beyond altercation about barometer what actually affairs in Assurance Administration and move abroad from the casuistic and abstract adjustment of barometer assurance by the abridgement of abrasion reports. So actuality goes… I achievement afterward two allotment commodity blaze some ideas!

Part One – Expectations & Processes

”Where achievement is measured, achievement improves. Where achievement is abstinent and appear back, the amount of advance accelerates.” Pearson’s Law

Safety administration is generally out of footfall with the added locations of our businesses. This can be adapted if we achieve assurance administration attending MORE like the assembly of appurtenances and services. The added we can adjust assurance action and measures with added business-like processes the added acknowledged we’ll be in extensive Assurance Arete in our businesses. There’s a huge abstract in barometer what doesn’t appear to us as affidavit that something abroad exists. Experiencing “no injuries recorded during a abstinent aeon of time” does not prove the actuality of safety. We all apperceive that because we’ve all been alarming and not been hurt. To achieve it worse, this admeasurement is celebrated and doesn’t acquiesce us to do annihilation about it. So “luck” measures don’t sit actual able-bodied in business discussions. Frankly they are frustrating. Shifting assurance measures abroad from the acceptable “lack of loss” measures to one accumbent with how administration commonly measures their advance appear their goals will advice us in cogent ways. Let’s attending at how.

Key Achievement Indicators (KPI)

Using the archetypal four functions of management, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling, it’s important to this altercation that “Preventing” isn’t one of the four axiological administration functions.

Develop, apparatus and adviser activities and the consistent outcomes is how a lot of businesses achieve their administration functions. Measures we accept charge to be about things a aggregation does to aftermath an outcome. Who in your alignment is planning about authoritative the workplaces safe? That catechism needs to be answered through “activity” measures. How abounding planning sessions are captivated monthly, what is produced at these planning sessions, what initiatives are accepting implemented? These questions can and do anatomy the kinds of letters your administration aggregation is acclimated to seeing. They see them all the time if barometer abundance performance. We charge to in fact admeasurement the conception of assurance to be accumbent with added business functions. A lot of administration teams are NOT focused on the blockage of the “lack of profit.”

The axiological two questions, which charge to be asked and answered, are:

1. What are we accomplishing to actualize assurance (behaviours, culture, ambiance and accountability)

2. What are we accepting for those efforts (movement against the goals)

Most businesses set agnate types of goals and do agnate activities to ability those goals. Raw Numbers, Advance (% Complete) Change appear a ambition (% Change over endure period) are usually apparent as reasonable measures to advice administration administer the action of creating production. These will aswell plan in assurance administration if we accumulate in apperception that we aren’t actuality to “prevent injuries”; we are actuality to “create safety.”

Here are some account about how to actualize KPI after the assurance on the use of abrasion data:

1. Identify the top plan processes in your organization. These are the primary plan processes that are capital to operational ability and effectiveness. If performed cautiously these processes will ensure the alignment meets their assembly goals. Remember, we aren’t preventing, we are CREATING.

2. Actualize a action breeze blueprint of the called processes. Diagram/list anniversary action from alpha to end. Cover all of the advisers and administration agents who are complex in the acknowledged achievement of the called process. Ensure that the activities to actualize assurance are listed. For archetype if your tasks cover access into bedfast spaces you’ll charge to account all of the activities (training, accessories checks, plan permits, inspections, audits, etc.) that actualize a safe entry.

3. Actualize a KPI for anniversary footfall in the process. The KPI measures the achievement of the called activities and the capability of the process. KPIs should be developed that admeasurement superior and quantity. For example: What % of planned accessories checks was performed? Based on a superior measure, how able-bodied were they performed?

4. Track the KPIs on a daily, weekly, account and anniversary basis. Learning a bit about Statistical Action Control may be useful. Adviser changes in the KPI to advice adumbrate and administer plan breeze over time.

5. Compare the assurance conception KPIs with added business KPIs and hotlink these action measures to aftereffect admeasurement of productivity, quality, and chump satisfaction. (AVOID bond them to injuries or the abridgement of injuries). Remember we are not preventing, we are CREATING.

Nesting Measurable Activities

There is no bigger way to accumulate a bang-up absorbed in what is accident than captivation them answerable for the activities that actualize the accepted results. I alarm this “nesting assurance activities”. Here’s an example:

A chief administrator I apperceive holds his absolute letters amenable to address to him “safety activities” that accept created assurance on a account basis. Some of these appear activities are called to accept appropriate acceptance in the way of a claimed buzz alarm to the getting (or persons) amenable for the activity. The altercation starts with a claimed acknowledge you from the chief baton acquainted that they are alone beholden of the employees’ accomplishments to achieve their abode of plan a safer abode to be. This action has gone on for years with actual absolute results. The bulletin is that our assurance action is personal, austere and appreciated.

The a lot of important allotment of this archetype is that the assorted levels of the alignment are complex in accomplishing and barometer assurance activities that actualize safety. They aren’t relying on the abridgement of injuries to drive their absorption to, and absorption in, assurance management. It’s about communicable humans accomplishing things right! By the way, this employer has actual low abrasion numbers as a aftereffect of their harder work. The best allotment about that aftereffect is they apperceive WHY their abrasion ante are low!

I achievement that has helped you amend how to administer and address your assurance advance appear Assurance Excellence. Next time we’ll altercate added abundant examples of Nesting Assurance Activities.

A applicable final anticipation for Allotment One of our altercation from a world-class business anticipation leader:

“You can alone reside action searching forward.” – Warren Buffett

Part Two – Authoritative It Work

In Part One I explored the charge to achieve the administration of HSE attending added like how we administer the action of creating the assembly of articles and casework aural our organizations. I accept that adjustment these processes makes it easier for anybody to apparatus the all-important achieve to ability assurance arete back they are already acclimated to accomplishing it for the organization. If there’s a accepted abortion in accomplishing arete in safety, this is it… “Safety administration looks altered than the way the alignment manages added functions.”

If we appraise how about all plan gets done in organizations we’ll acquisition that we alpha with a Mission, Vision, Values and/or Purpose account of charge and again go about authoritative those desires happen. How they in fact about-face into absoluteness is through animal activities that are usually set as objectives and abstinent as they are accepting implemented. The administration of HSE should be actually no different. It will yield “nested activities” throughout the absolute alignment to get this done. All levels of the organization, from the CEO to the alternate paid employees, accept to be affianced in the action absolutely like they are affianced to actualize the articles and casework the aggregation is aggravating to create.

Responsibility is assigned from the top down and accountability flows from the basal up. What we are amenable for in an alignment is about announced through job descriptions and action and action documents. What we are captivated answerable for is about antiseptic through cold ambience with our admiral and our circadian discussions and advance reports.

Here is the aboriginal befalling to achieve HSE administration attending added like how we actually administer added functions. The eyes needs to be about CREATING not PREVENTING. I’ve accounting abundantly about NOT application the absence of abrasion as a target. It’s a actual poor way to admeasurement the conception of a safe and advantageous workplace. If we created assurance in our workplaces the analytic aftereffect will be low or no injuries. Our goals charge to be in band with assembly goals. We do not commonly admeasurement our success in added areas of assembly by counting what is NOT produced by our actions. We commonly admeasurement what IS produced and how it is accepting produced. So let’s do that, let’s use what we already apperceive about managing able-bodied and administer this to the ambition of creating assurance excellence.

Nested Assurance Activities & Behaviours

The key to barometer action and after-effects is to absolutely accept what is accepting abstinent and what activities we are amenable for conducting. Mature assurance cultures crave this compassionate throughout the organization. Anniversary administration akin understands what their alone activities are and they are abstinent on those activities to ensure that any “rewards” for acceptable achievement are based on them accepting a allotment of creating the outcomes. Here’s a sample of how it can work.

The CEO is ultimately amenable for the conception of a safe and advantageous plan ambiance at their company. Activities that they can be captivated answerable for can include:

• Ensuring that all of the absolute address VPs accept appropriately approaching for assurance and bloom aural their operating budgets

• Ensuring that the accent of assurance and bloom creating activities is accurate in all job descriptions and achievement appraisement systems to a cogent weighting (example 25% of at accident pay advantage package).

• Ensure that the accent of assurance and bloom in the company’s activities is announced from the chief administration akin through claimed communications and aggregation contest with employees.

Of advance these are alone examples of what can be done but the key is to counterbalance heavily on the activities that actualize assurance and not the results. If appropriately selected, action measures will drive absolute outcomes. If not, again altered activities charge to be conducted. There is a absolute could cause and aftereffect accord with creating assurance and accepting actual low abrogating aftereffect numbers (injuries, accompanying costs, accessories damage, etc.). Logically if we are alive cautiously again causeless abrogating outcomes (injures, accident and consistent costs) should be the after-effects of creating safety. What is best about this analytic access that the aplomb will be top that we created the after-effects and that they didn’t just appear as a aftereffect of accepting lucky.

Moving down through the organization, the absolute advertisement positions to the CEO now accept to backup their activities to abutment the ability of the CEO. These activities can anon achieve the CEOs activities appear aural their breadth of albatross or actualize their own specific assurance and bloom accompanying action that will be added accurate by their own absolute letters (Manager, Directors, and Supervisors).

For example:

• Ensure that assurance and bloom creating activities are appropriately approaching for (sufficient time for the activities and acceptable banking abutment for acquiescence and improvements) in their breadth of albatross including training, board meetings.

• Ensure that three agent assurance and bloom “town hall” agent contest are appointed annually with appearance of the CEO and presentations about the advance of assurance and bloom creating activities

• Ensure that abode tours are conducted annual emphasizing the accent of creating assurance and bloom through administration and agent empiric activities.

This nesting of activities, if connected throughout the organization, will drive the conception of assurance and bloom in any alignment because it makes it important abundant to do by demonstrating that it is accepting measured. In addition, a bang-up cannot accommodated their goals after the abutment of their subordinate’s activities accepting completed. This is an exact alongside to the way organizations actualize the productions of appurtenances and services. Through the nesting of objectives and activities from the foreground band artisan up through to the CEO, humans are all “intradependant” on anniversary added to ensure their accepted goals are met.

Working down through the organization, added nesting of activities will cover activities such as aboriginal band admiral acceptable amenable and abstinent on the amount of “ride alongs” they do with their drivers celebratory their safe behaviours and discussing the accent of the safe and advantageous conception of the articles and services. We can accept foreground band workers be amenable for accomplishing inspections of their plan accoutrement and ensuring that torn accoutrement are repaired and/or replaced.

If we wish to actualize companies that do their plan in safe and advantageous ways, we charge to admeasurement that the humans accomplishing the plan to actualize the articles and casework are accomplishing their jobs that way. The “lack of abrasion measures” does not achieve this. What actually measures assurance is celebratory the way in which we do our work. I achievement that gives you some account on how this can plan in your organization. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes about action by Aubrey C. Daniels

“People do what they do because of what happens if they do it.”

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